Burn & Baked

Burn calories and learn strong and pain-free movement in a high intensity bootcamp session lead by the MoonMan to promote healthy and responsible use of cannabis, while destigmatizing the “lazy stoner” stereotype. Following the sweat session, get educated by the Mistress on the benefits of nutrition and CBD cannabis for athletic recovery and general healing.

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Jan 28th, 2018 marked the second sold out “Burn & Baked” fitness event hosted by MoonMan’s Mistress in San Francisco. The goal of this first (of the year and in series) cannabis positive event was to destigmatize the “lazy stoner” sterotype and promote healthy and responsible use of cannabis with a focus on CBD for recovery. 

Every participant left with a Recovery Goodie Bag, which included Paleo Breakfast Cookies from Bellywell Kitchen, CBD Edibles from MoonMan’s Mistress, CBD Capsules from Dirt Ninja Farm and CBD Topicals from Loki Lotion.
Jamel Ramiro (movement specialist) and Liz Rudner (holistic nutrition specialist) truly live their brand as a holistic lifestyle – nutrition and movement for the body and soul. MoonMan’s Mistress IS intentionally a wellness brand in the Cannabis space. Their products represent the word healthy in its truest form. The company is 100% transparent in its processes and demonstrates the value of the “seed to table” experience. Considered well ahead of the market and disrupters in the industry, Liz and Jamel fight to develop products that taste amazing, promote healing and wellness and most importantly, do no harm.
Before anything else, Jamel and Liz are educators. They have taken it upon themselves to be thought leaders in an industry with a huge knowledge deficit regarding nutrition and health. Their mission to heal with movement and real food is desperately needed in this space. Jamel and Liz have planted the MoonMan flag, a promise of being healers, not dealers and a commitment to patients over profits – always.
By the end of the year, MoonMan’s Mistress has high hopes to run at least 3 more “Burn & Baked” fitness events throughout California with it’s eye on Los Angeles this coming late spring.